A$AP Rocky Invited Us To The Cinema And Was Really Loud When We Got There

A$AP Rocky invited everyone to the cinema last night, but they were not there to see Finding Dory. It was an altogether more chaotic affair, beginning with a mad scramble to attend Everyman Cinema in Baker Street, London. Yes, that street is Sherlock Holmes’ headquarters, and fans had to follow the clues laid out in this tweet.

There was to a be screening of the new video for ‘What’, the song by Playboi Carti and Uno, and Rocky wanted us all there. He was taking it seriously – look at the top billing he’s given himself here.

Our man on the scene, photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes, explains: “Once let in, we were made to wait for an hour due to technical difficulties. A$AP come in to apologise. He sat at the back with Playboi Carti & A$AP Ferg and said: “I’m here for Wireless!”

“After a few mins the crowd urged A$AP to freestyle over a beat – a challenge he accepted. A mic was passed to the back and he freestyled for a few mins, much to everyone’s enjoyment.”

Look at how much everyone’s enjoying themselves there. My preferred cinema experience involves buttered popcorn and the latest outing from Studio Ghibli, but each to their own.

Anyway, Jordan reveals that the video was played and “everyone was dancing in their seats. Then they reloaded the video and A$AP/Carti got out of their seats, climbed over seats to the middle and started the madness. A$AP even crowd surfed at one point to get a little further down the cinema.”

“After four reloads A$AP was escorted out by security,” Jordan says. “He and Carti waited outside taking photos with fans until their taxi arrived.”

Four screenings of the same music video. They say cinemas are becoming too expensive, but that is certainly value for money from a free event. What have we learned here? A$AP Rocky is a generous man, but possibly one who loudly rustles his sweet wrappers while watching a film.