Adam Ant – Does Rock’N’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse

This Week: Adam Ant

Question 1
What was the first song you performed on Top Of The Pops and what year?
“‘Dog Eat Dog’, 1980. After the show, this band who were also on decided to get some cheap publicity and started shouting at us. They were so collectively ugly, like four sort of grubby Teletubbies. I felt someone boot me in the back and they held me down and I saw a knife. I remember Amanda, my girlfriend, chinning this hooligan and they ran off.”

Question 2
Who was the drummer that sat in on the film version of Plastic Surgery in 1977, when your drummer Paul Flanagan didn’t show up?
“Kenny Morris from Siouxsie And The Banshees. Paul didn’t turn up and Kenny, who was my dear friend and favourite guy of the whole punk era, just jumped in and played it the first time.”

Question 3
Who directed the video for ‘Vive Le Rock’?
“Daniel Kleinman, my best mate. He also does the trailers for the James Bond movies you know.”
Incorrect. It was Frances De Lea

Question 4
Complete the lyrics: “Let’s get together before it’s too late/Collect up the ideas, duplicate…”
“‘…Filling up the forms, send them off tonight/ and you’ll be the owner of the copyright’, from ‘Zerox’. That song is actually about David Bowie – not a lot of people know that.”

Question 5
After ‘Apollo 9’, how many years was it until your next UK Top 40 single?
Incorrect. Six, ‘Apollo 9’ hit Number 13 in 1984 and the next to break the Top 40 was ‘Room At The Top’ in 1990

Question 6
What venue hosted the run of Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr Sloane, in which you starred, and what year?
“It was the Manchester Royal Exchange in 1985. That all came about through Mandy Donohoe, who was a great actress and was working at the theatre and told the assistant director about how much I liked Joe Orton.”

Question 7
Who was the songstress that provided guest vocals on your 1983 single ‘Strip’?
“Frida Lyngstad from Abba. She said she’d do it as long as she didn’t mess her hair up. She held up the headphones to her ears upside down and did it in one take. We couldn’t put her name on the credits because Abba’s manager Stig threatened to sue us for loads of money.”

Question 8
Name your female co-star in the 1987 episode of Sledge Hammer! Called ‘Icebreaker’?
“She had a very slender-looking face and… blonde? I can’t remember the name. That was my first stage kiss; I think I fell off a couch or something.”
Incorrect. It was Anne-Marie Martin

Question 9
What song kept ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ from the top spot in 1981?
“Was it Roxy Music ‘Jealous Guy’?”
Incorrect. It was John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, which had just been released following his murder the year before.

Question 10
Where did the Sex Pistols open for Bazooka Joe in November 1975?
“St Martin’s School Of Art. I remember it very, very clearly. They played a very short set. I just loved them. Johnny Rotten was eating toffees and when people pretended to applaud he said, ‘Don’t waste my time!’”

Total Score: 6/10

Adam: “Not bad, could’ve been worse! Could’ve been two or four out of 10 with my memory!”