Adele Has Finally Conquered Burkina Faso, Knocking Belgian Synthpop Producer Stromae Off The Top Spot

She’s finally done it. The latest step in her continued journey towards world domination, Adele has – at last – conquered Burkina-Faso.

According to , Adele’s third album 25 is now at Number One in the iTunes charts in the West African country. This follows a record-busting week in which the record, loaded with plaintive piano ballads, shifted 900,000 copies on iTunes on its first day and went to Number One in almost every country in the world. As this brilliant Digital Spy infographic made clear, 25 was Number One in the iTunes charts of 110 of a possible 119 countries.

But a handful of countries resisted her melancholy charms. Digital Spy noted that Kyrgyzstan, Niger, Anguilla, and, yes, Burkina Faso were resisting. Slowly, one by one, those countries were toppled over the couple of days following publication of that infographic. Yet one held firm. As Newsweek stated, Adele couldn’t get a grip on Burkina-Faso. Belgian synthpop producer Stromae was nestled comfortably at the Number One spot with his 2013 album Racine Carrée . Meanwhile, Adele had barely scraped into the Top 40.

But that’s all changed today. Stromae is at Number Two and Adele is back in her rightful place, big hair stacked up high, crooning, “Hello, Stromae, old friend, Hello, it’s me.”