Adele Has Worn A Jacket That Gives East 17 Their Dues

It’s currently all the rage for musicians to pay tribute to one another via apparel – see Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson wearing each other’s mugs on t-shirts – and now Adele has got onboard with a snap taken during her world tour.

That’s right, she’s doffed her cap to East 17, the beleaguered ’90s pop band (singer Brian Harvey once ran over himself after eating three jacket potatoes) behind the classic track ‘Stay Another Day’. The jacket bears the London group’s logo, a rudimentary doodling of a dog, while her caption is the mark of a true fan: “Been around the world, but there’s no place like home, oh baby” is a lyric from the band’s 1994 single ‘Around the World’, which reached Number Three in the UK charts.

It’s been noted that some of Adele’s young fans didn’t seem familiar with the band, who haven’t had a hit for over 20 years (last year two of their original members, plus a newbie, performed to just 30 punters at the 800-capacity Academy in Dublin).

Yet Adele’s love of the band has been documented before. In 2007, she told The Sun: I used to love [East 17] and I went to their comeback gig. “It was amazing but the TV documentary was so sad with them all fighting.” Well, at least they’ve reason to smile now, eh?