Adele – Matching A Sales Record Set By The Beatles

Adele achieved something no-one else has achieved since 1964 this week. For the first time since The Beatles, she managed to get two entries into the Top Five of both the singles and albums chart simultaneously. While ‘Rolling In The Deep’ was sitting at Number Four in the singles chart anyway, her ‘Someone Like You’ jumped a massive 46 places to hit the top spot following her performance of the track at this year’s Brits.

And fair play really. While she was properly hand-sweating nervous before the slot, her acoustic rendition, accompanied only by piano and falling glitter, was generally agreed to be the stand out performance of the night by anyone in the room. And that was without a load of men in pants kettling people. Such was the strength of the song she had the most cynical journalists weeping into their prosecco.

Album ‘21’, meanwhile, is still sitting at the top of the charts, having landed at the top spot in the first week of release (both here and in 16 other countries) while debut ‘19’ is still at Number Four.

Adele at Brits

Even before the Brits show she was shifting shitloads, selling over 200,000 copies of ’21’ (the highest selling figures for a January for five years), and was prompting Example to tweet: “Fuck have you seen Adele’s album sales figures? She’s sold more albums than Tescos have sold custard creams”.

Obviously, the Top 40 is a volatile place these days, where Glee can run rampant and any chancer can hit the top while selling about 300 copies, but in a month full of releases from Rihanna and the all-conquering Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, it’s no mean feat. Especially as hardly anyone watched the awards.

What do you think of Adele, and her slaying of the charts? Is it a well-deserved reward for the multi-award-winning artist, or just an indication of the state of the music industry?