Adele Kicked Off Her World Tour In Belfast Last Night And It Was A Total Love-in

Adele went down a storm in Belfast last night (February 29). Like, almost literally – she got rained on (by a hologram) during her rendition of ‘Set Fire To The Rain’.

You can even see a bit of the show on Periscope. It looked awesome and epitomised the warmth and attention-to-detail she paid to the first night of the 25 world tour. There was confetti personalised with lyrics from her songs, photos from Adele’s past draped on the back of the stage and a bit where she admitted: “I’ve been fucking shitting myself all day. Bad bowel movements. I’ve had to have an Immodium.” Then, man, she sings and still sounds like the classiest woman alive. How the hell do you do it, Adele?

Anyway, here are some dispatches from the internet, posted by chuffed gig-goers. No-one had a bad thing to say about the girl from Tottenham.

This pretty much sums up the tone

Because it really was a love-in

Though there was some confusion about the whereabouts of X-Files star David Duchovny

Wherever he was, the consensus deemed that Adele was #un-freaking-believable

Or, if you’re into synonyms, #mega

Alternatively, you might settle on the word #fanfriggingtastic

So you had to pity them poor schmucks without tickets

Because – and this is a bold claim – Ciara reckons it was BETTER THAN BUBLE

So if you collected your lyrical confetti…

And clocked Adele in the rain…

Then you should feel justifiably smug – unlike this guy, because coveting Adele’s used towel is kind of weird and gross

Anyway, until next time!