Agenda Suicide – Free Cancer Bats MP3 (The Faint cover)

Modern hardcore bands tend to be all haircuts and no riffs, right? Well, not these chaps.


Cancer Bats are one of the few out-and-out HC bands who’ve emerged over the last couple of years and gained a decent level of global prominence – videos, high-profile tours, magazine covers – who aren’t, well, terrible. More than that, they’re bloody fantastic. If you want proof, keep reading.

It was their second album, ‘Hail Destroyer’ that kicked them into public view, and rightfully so – it was a shit-kicking anger-blast of a record, and anyone who caught their live shows in the UK over the last couple of years will be able to attest to their sheer violent heft. It’s being rereleased by Hassle and they’re about to go on tour (dates below), and we’ve got you one of the brand new tracks that’s on the UK-only Deluxe edition.

It’s a cover of The Faint’s ‘Agenda Suicide’, and it might just pummel your head clean off.

They’re on tour all around the country very soon (check the dates, yo) so make sure you see them. Plus, they’re taking the awesome The Plight and SSS out with them, so you literally have no excuse not to get down to a show.

Download Cancer BatsAgenda Suicide’ here