‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’: Fans Are Confused Over The Meta Season Finale

The final episode of 'American Horror Story: Roanoke' debuted on FX last night

It was a bloody night on FX on Wednesday as another series of American Horror Story drew to a close. Roanoke was all about hitting every kitchy horror cliché in the book: haunted house in the middle of nowhere, demons possessing innocents, creepy ghost children, and a lot of running through the woods. And many fans loved it.




Not everyone was impressed. The story picked over the outcome of the ninth episode in an attempt to find out what led Lee to become a murderer. It was American Crime Story meets American Horror Story, trippy, confusing and meta AF. As some pointed out, we were watching a fake TV show about a fake TV show on a real TV show.




On the kinder end of the scale, some viewers thought the grand finale was a bit of a let down.


Because it was a tad complex.



Some speculated that the writers were on drugs?



Then there were THOSE accents




And some were just straight up honest


But Trixie Mattel was there so maybe it was ok?