Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard – My Ultimate Icon

The Alabama Shakes singer states the case for the ex-White Stripes man as the artist who has lit up our pages more than any other

Jack White should be your ultimate icon. He’s certainly a guitar icon, anyway. The man built his own empire, didn’t he? He’s got his own label, his own venue, his own store, his own recording studio and he’s definitely got his own style of playing the guitar. The secret to his success is pretty obvious – he never stops and he works hard. Third Man Records put out a seven-inch of ours earlier this year – he’s now in a position where he can help people out and that’s great, it comes from his love of music.

Most people, when they play the blues, they want to play it how it is supposed to be played, but Jack White will mix it up. He’ll put a slide on it. He’ll put a wah-wah pedal on it and get this extreme blues sound. He’s such a bold guitarist and a bold person. He’s not even afraid to mix blues with punk, and even country. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and his new album ‘Blunderbuss’ is amazing – I’ve played it to death ever since I received a copy. The guy’s a genius – he knows what’s up.

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