Album Stream – The Bullitts, ‘They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories’

We’ve waited a long time for this, but signs are it’s worth all that patience. The Bullitts’ debut album ‘They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories’ was initially trailed more than two years ago by the track ‘Close Your Eyes’, a fascinating hip-hop/electro cut featuring actress Lucy Liu and Jay Electronica. Liu’s presence was telling because Jeymes Samuel – The Bullitts himself – is a cultural polymath, a songwriter, producer and filmmaker who likes to draw all the threads of his life together.

Looks like he’s achieved that with the dramatic, involving ‘They Die By Dawn…’ which features another thespian talent in Rosario Dawson and a way-out-of-comfort-zone Tori Amos holding her own against the crunking beats and synth phases of ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’. Check it all about below.

‘They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories’ is out on 8 July on Kilburn Lane Music.