Album Stream – The Virgins, ‘Strike Gently’

The Virgins, signed to Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records, are back with their second album. ‘Strike Gently’, the follow-up to their 2008 eponymous debut, was recorded in New York’s East Village and produced by The Unicorn Parade.

Here’s Casablancas:

When I first saw the Virgins I was psyched there was such a rad new band from NYC. Donald’s such an awesome guy and it’s great to meet someone who’s such a true artist. I think they’ve made a classic record and we’re really excited they chose to work with us

You can stream the whole album exclusively below and read Rhian Daly’s 8/10 review here.

Check out the washed-out, retro video for ‘Flashback, Memories and Dreams’ below.