Albums Of 2010 – 60-56

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And so we edge ever closer to the Top 50, which will be unveiled on Wednesday December 1. For now, we’re still counting down five at a time. Here’s the latest batch of albums.

60. Belle And Sebastian, ‘Write About Love’
NME said: “Your heart fairly skips a beat.”
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59. Errors, ‘Come Down With Me’
NME said: “One of the most interesting young bands in the country, even if their second album isn’t quite difficult enough.”
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58. Crocodiles, ‘Sleep Forever’
NME said: “Roaring, monumental pop tunes.”
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57. Joanna Newsom, ‘Have One On Me’
NME said: “An Elysian record that you’ll return to again and again.”
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56. Mount Kimbie, ‘Crooks & Lovers’
NME said: “There’ll be no better comedown than this lush collection of soul-stepping miniatures.”