Albums Of 2012 – What’s Your Favourite So Far?

21 best albums of 2012 so far

Earlier this week, myself and NME.COM Ed Luke Lewis were having a chinwag about our favourite LPs of the year thus far. And we wondered, ever so briefly, whether the first few months of 2012 had been a tad… well, underwhelming. There’d been a glut of good records, for sure, but had we really been bowled over by a ‘Let England Shake’-like LP, the kind which knocks everyone’s collective socks off and is instantly declared a work of era-defining genius?

Grimes: a candidate for album of 2012 so far?

Well, I’ve had time to reflect since then, and can only conclude I must have been in an excessively grumpy mood when that conversation took place. Because, make no mistake, there’s already been loads of great stuff released this year. We’ve just published our list of the best albums of 2012 so far, but top of my own personal pile would be Grimes’ ‘Visions’. I played it so incessantly when I first got hold of it that I should, really, be a bit bored of it by now; instead, I still find something about the don’t-fuck-with-me brilliance of ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Be A Body’ impossible to shake off. Right now, she’s the benchmark by which all other popstars should be judged, and she’s setting the bar pretty darn high.

Django Django

Maximum kudos, too, to Islet’s ‘Illuminated People’ and Django Django’s self-titled debut, which are two of the finest debuts I’ve heard in absolute aeons; ‘Transverse’, by Carter Tutti Void, is an almighty, generation gap-closing meeting of the minds between former Throbbing Gristle stalwarts Chris ‘n’ Cosey and Nik Colk Void of the ever-excellent Factory Floor; and I’m also developing an oddly masochistic relationship with Death Grips’ new long-player ‘The Money Store’ – the more it brutally beats me into cowering submission, the more I want to give it yet another spin.

And, of course, there’s all the other albums that have become heavyweight-contenders on the NME office stereo in the last four months, including The Maccabees ‘Given To The Wild’, Tribes’ ‘Baby’ and Howler’s ‘America Give Up’, to name but three. But that’s enough from us – what we’re itching to find out is, what have been your favourite albums of the year so far? Let us know below…