People think Alex Turner just won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics

Did the Arctic Monkeys frontman whip up a Brianstorm to clinch top figure skating honours in Pyeongchang this week?

We’ve all thrown ourselves into the excitement of the 2018 Winter Olympics, haven’t we? Whether it’s being mesmerised by the limb-twisting acrobatics of the snowboard halfpipe, getting caught up in the rip-roaring thrill of the ski cross, or becoming weirdly familiar with the minutiae of curling, it’s been an experience for us all.

Of course, we’ve also been here for all of the music-related moments of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games: from an unlikely show of solidarity for Meek Mill to the German figure skater who chose to perform his routine to a jazzy cover of ‘Wonderwall’.

One figure skating moment from this year’s Olympics appears to have truly taken the biscuit. Praise be to Mil Upton’s eagle eye for this one after she pointed out that – thanks in large part to the glory of television lighting and camera angles – the Canadian figure skater Scott Moir is the spitting image of ‘AM’-era Alex Turner. Behold:


Moir and his partner Tessa Virtue dazzled the judges to take home the gold medal in the ice dance this week, but it seems that some viewers just couldn’t shake the image of Moir’s uncanny resemblance to the Arctic Monkeys frontman – as you can see from the below video where Scott… sorry, Alex, is seen taking some time out from the rink back in 2013.

Do we wanna know what Alex would actually be like on the ice? The answer to that is of course, yes – but right now, we’re just hoping that Alex and co. get their skates on when it comes to bringing about the long-awaited return of the Arctic Monkeys.


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