Alex Turner’s Dad Played Sax At A Recent Last Shadow Puppets Gig And It Will Make You Weak At The Knees

A strange and unexpected thing happened during The Last Shadow Puppetsextremely WTF Glastonbury set. We were all so busy concentrating on Alex Turner’s vaguely troubling dance moves that we almost didn’t notice Miles Kane – wearing a pair of cream moccasins and a Miami Vice-style blue pastel suit – parping away on a saxophone.

It was a brassy moment we didn’t believe could be topped. And yet the seemingly impossible has happened: Miles Kane has been upstaged by none of other than Alex Turner’s dad, David Turner, who made a surprise appearance at a recent gig in Berlin.

“Das ist mein vater,” Turner purred by way of introducing David, before adding, “This is a song called ‘The Dream Synopsis’.” The song is slinky, it is sexy, it is dangerously louche – it’s not necessarily something you’d want to associate with your parents. And yet David’s soothing sax tones unfold like petals billowing from a rose. That sax is lilting, it is swooning, it is deeply romantic.

It’s like you’re the only person in the room and Alex Turner’s father David Turner is blowing gently into his sax just for you. Everything else melts away and it’s just you and David, and gradually, so sweetly it becomes clear where young Alex got his powerful loverman vibes from.