Alexa Chung really can’t handle hot sauce

The innovative viral series 'Hot Ones' just keeps on giving, with the former 'Popworld' host's recent guest appearance a must-watch

“Do you think I’ll die? Like, what’s the worst thing that can happen?”

If you haven’t heard of First We Feast‘s frankly amazing Hot Ones interview series yet – well, firstly, where have you been for the past two years or so?

But for the uninitiated, Hot Ones and its amicable host, Sean Evans, have earned internet notoriety for their hot take on the interview format by grilling some big names – from Ricky Gervais to Mac DeMarco, via RZA and James Franco – while eating 10 hot sauce-doused chicken wings which increase in spice level with each wing. It makes for hilarious viewing, putting a host of well-known faces under intense pressure as they attempt to maintain their composure while gargling milk to quell the burning sensation brought on by a mouthful of Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage.

Now into its fourth season, Hot Ones has certainly upped the ante this year – not only by attracting the likes of Cara Delevingne, Liam Payne and Man vs. Food‘s Adam Richman to partake in the frivolity, but by bringing its own too-hot-it’s-silly hot sauce to the table in the form of ‘The Last Dab’.

Each week has fans of the YouTube series chomping at the bit in anticipation of which celebrity guest has volunteered to undergo the Hot Ones treatment next, and Alexa Chung’s appearance on the show this week didn’t disappoint.

The former Popworld host – whose dry and irreverent interview style on the cult T4 show served as a major inspiration behind the-tables-are-turned celebrity interview format adopted by Hot Ones – faced down the challenge with 10 vegan wings while fielding questions about topics such as her long-cancelled MTV show, her Golden Globes red carpet disaster and the time she met Larry David in a very apt Curb Your Enthusiasm-type encounter.

Watch Alexa Chung go 10 rounds with some of the most scorching hot sauces in the world on the latest edition of Hot Ones below.