Alexander Robotnick – Obsession For The Disco Freaks (David Caretta remix) – Free MP3

How many times have you started a DJ set with everything under control and sounding great like this:
Alexander Robotnick
Only to end up mangled beyond recognition and finishing up like this:

Alexander Robotnick
Just me? You try warming up the crowds at Ibiza Rocks some time then.

The topless goon pictured is one Alexander Robotnick, AKA Maurizio Dami, a guy that’s been creating Italo-disco since Heartbreak were still sucking on teats. Since the early ‘80s he’s jumped from decks to synths and back again, morphing from DJ to producer in a variety of groups.

This latest single (out on This Is Music now) is both a half-ironic tribute to vinyl obsessives across the globe and an electro cut set to become the very type of sought-after plastic he’s gently lampooning.

Remixes come from Trash’s Rory Phillips, HeavyFeet and in this case David Caretta.

Download the David Caretta remix of Obsession For The Disco Freaks here
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