Alice Glass Punched Me – But I’m Still A Fan

Crystal Castles’ Latitude performance ended in chaos when singer Alice Glass lashed out at a fan in response to apparently being groped. Here, the fan in question – 17-year-old Samuel Brooks from Watford – gives his side of the story

I didn’t ‘grope’ Alice Glass. I touched her by accident. It was an extremely violent moshpit, total chaos, everyone was screaming because they were falling back. I was lying on the floor, reached up to steady myself – and that’s when I clutched her breast.

Video by kpdavik18. The incident takes place at 5.51

It’s understandable that she lashed out. I remember her trying to punch, kick and spit at me. I find spitting disgusting so I grabbed her. She got carried further back as I was trampled on.

I pulled down the half-mask I was wearing, made from a Swan filter packet, and screamed, “This is my fucking face, come and fucking get me”. She came back and I remember us screaming, “I love you”, “I’m going to eat you” and “I’m going to kill you” at each other.

I remember having my arm round her head and struggling at one point. It wasn’t painful at the time, because I was going crazy, but later it hurt. I still have the bruises on one side of my face.

Was I surprised at the way she reacted? No. I love Crystal Castles, and I knew what to expect. I saw them at Reading 2009, and that time Alice jumped in the crowd and landed on my face. But at Latitude she seemed more hyperactive than usual.

None of this stops me being a fan. In fact, I can’t wait to see them again. I’ll even wear the same mask so she recognizes me. I have no hard feelings whatsoever. If I bumped into Alice Glass tomorrow I’d just say, ‘Hi, remember me?’