All Back To Pete Doherty’s – Home Video Time

Long before Little Boots started filling YouTube with bedroom melodies, a certain Mr. Peter Doherty was regularly hurling up home vids of his bizarre existence for all to see, comment on and rate.

Blair Witch-shaky, cobbled together by quick afternoon Mac edits in tru ‘Shamblin’ ramshackle style, they offered an intriguing insight into Pete’s Lord-of-the-manor life in his Wiltshire pile.

Most were sketchy beginnings of new acoustic songs accompanied by images of his army of kittens, various model types lounging around his bedroom quarters in states of advance undress and (my favourite) an amateur sleuth drama starring Pete and two foreign models on a quest to recover a chicken-shaped glass bong.

Sadly, Pete recently dragged them all into the desktop trash bin, leaving his YouTube account as barren the crowd at Keane’s T In The Park headline slot.

But yesterday (August 6) and today (7) Pete rebooted, posting up nine new efforts. Kittens chasing lamp-shades, a topless Pete strumming away on the battered acoustic, zooming in on scrawled-on diary entries – we’re getting a looksy through Pete’s key hole again.

Aside from old Libs song ‘What Katy Did’ all feature versions of new efforts – seemingly titled ‘Raise The Kaboose’, ‘Cheap Shot’ and ‘Stranger In My Own Skin’. We’re hardly dealing with a ‘Freewheeling Bob Dylan’-matching collection of ditties yet, but as newly-birthed sketches of new Pete material, they’re worth a listen.

Here are all Pete’s new videos:

‘What Katy Did’:

‘Raise The Kaboose’:

‘Cheap Shot’:

‘Stranger In My Own Skin’: