All Hail The Drums’ Return

“Forget Adam because he’s forgettable. He never brought anything good to this band.” Those were the words of The Drums’ Jonathan Pierce back in October 2010, when we asked him how they were dealing with guitarist Adam Kessler leaving the set-up.

You wouldn’t have thought such spiteful words would come from such a puppy-eyed, seemingly happy-poppy band as them – but the searing honesty is just one of the things I love about the New Yorkers. No “it was just creative differences”, no “we’re still friends”. They just bloody hated him for buggering off and were happy to admit it.

The Drums

That was a while ago now, of course – so it’s pretty darn exciting to hear that they’ve regrouped (as a trio, there will be no permanent Adam replacement), recorded their second album ‘Portamento’, and told us all about it during an explosive interview in the new issue of NME.

Other highlights of the chat? Well, Jonathan fights back at Nicky Wire, and his accusions that they’re “soulless”, by branding him “the guy who’s famous for being annoying”. And Jon gets more personal than he’s ever got before with a tape rolling, laughing about how he believes he doesn’t owe his parents anything just because he “slithered out” of his mother’s womb. Lovely.

So read it, play awesome comeback song ‘Money’ very loudly, and start get very excited about The Drums’ return. We reckon even Jon’s folks would be proud of that tune.