The definitive ranking of all the Stranger Things cast’s bands

They're all brilliant really

Stranger Things: the TV show that brought a wave of illegitimate sick days across the country when the second season was released on a school day; the show that inspired Halloween costumes across the globe; the TV show that brought the best and the brightest young cast we’ve seen since Harry Potter.

And this young cast doesn’t mess about. As well as acting in the stellar series, and dealing with their sudden rise to meteoric fame, a handful of the starlets have found the time to play in bands as well. But are they any good?

We’ve got your back: here’s the definitive ranking of the Stranger Things’ bands so far, from absolutely excellent to, yes, even more excellent.

4. Comanechi


Stranger Things rep: Charlie Heaton
Who is he in Stranger ThingsJonathan Byers
Why? At #4 we have Comanechi, the London based noise-rock band Charlie Heaton used to play drums in. Come for the mad video for ‘Love Is The Cure’, stay for the scuzzy guitars and mega choruses.

3. Work in Progress

Stranger Things rep: Gaten Matarazzo
Who is he in Stranger Things? Dustin Henderson
Why? Gaten cut his teeth on Broadway; but now he’s sacked off Les Misérables and swapped it for Foo Fighters. As the frontman for the 6-piece Work In Progress, you’ll now find him crooning Pearl Jam instead of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and it’s bloomin’ brilliant.

2. Post Animal

Stranger Things rep: Joe Keery
Who is he in Stranger Things? Steve Harrington
Why? Joe Keery isn’t just iconic mother hen to our teenage heroes in Stranger Things, he’s also a guitarist in psych-rock band Post Animal. All soaring synths and tripped out guitars, Post Animal are one for the Tame Impala fan.


1. Calpurnia

Stranger Things rep: Finn Wolfhard
Who is he in Stranger Things? Mike Wheeler
Why? In the top spot we’ve got Finn Wolfhard’s Calpurnia. The young band have become notorious for their covers of classic rock bangers, and tickets for their gigs are snapped up in minutes; but if you think it was all hype purely because of Finn’s appearance in Stranger Things, you’d be wrong: earlier this year the band proved as much at their Calpurnia show in New York. Later this year they’ll be joining Mac DeMarco on the bill at the inaugural Royal Mountain festival, so it can only be onwards and upwards for the Vancouver-based four piece.