Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better – Free MP3

Amongst those eternal truths: God does exist, no one will ever notice when you have a haircut, and God doesn’t exist, lives this one – never judge an artist on the layout of their MySpace page. It’s a pure and simple rule that has stood us in good stead ever since Bill Gates invented the internet back in 1981. At least it did, until Amanda Blank elbowed her way into our server with new single ‘Might Like You Better’.

Amanda Blank

After leaving behind her performance art days with first band Sweetheart, Blank has collaborated with several critically acclaimed rappers, including Spank Rock, MIA, Ghostface Killah and Santigold. She also looped in some vocals on Pase Rock’s track Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge – an emotional ballad discussing the current phenomenon where It Girls forget to wear undergarments.

Her debut album features some of the producing world’s glitterati – Diplo, Switch and XXXChange, with artists such as Cool Kids and Lykke Li joining her in the studio. As for her MySpace page – a line from the high-school classic Heathers plays as photos of Adriana La Cerva and Chrissie Hynde load. Amanda is witty, fresh, and had us laughing all the way to the Blank.

Download Amanda Blank’s Might Like You Better here click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)
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