Rebel Rebel: amazing David Bowie tattoos to inspire you

One year ago today, music, fashion and culture icon David Bowie died, just days after his final album ‘Blackstar’ was released. Recent tribute concerts have been remembering his arsenal of hits, and documentary The Last Five Years was a heartbreaking insight into Bowie’s last two albums.

But if you want to remember Bowie in a more permanent way, you may have considered an inking inspired by the great man. From the classic ‘Aladdin Sane’ lightning bolt to obscure ‘Blackstar’ tributes, there’s a multitude of directions you can go in, but here are some of the best we’ve seen on the internet so far.


Space was a big theme in Bowie’s songs – so why not try something that incorporated that into your next tat?




Some say Bowie’s Ziggy era was his best. Really, you could present a compelling argument for most eras of Bowie, but this particular one produced plenty of stunning portraits.




The Bolt

Obviously, the bolt is a favourite. It’s clean, simple, and looks fucking cool. But if you feel like mixing it up ever so slightly, there’s ways to do it your way – from silhouettes to mad surreal designs.

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Bowie Forever ⚡

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When I tattooed a spaceman on my brother @chapters_of_noah #ziggy

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Think ‘Low’ is Bowie’s masterpiece? Well this person has a cool interpretation of the artwork tattooed on them.


If you love Bowie but want to steer away from the cliches, why not take inspiration from his creepy-ass Labyrinth character, The Goblin King.



One of the icon’s lines will always provide a classy tribute.

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Thank you Samantha! #bowietattoo

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Tribute #davidbowie #bowietattoo #bowie

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Another tattoo shot. Bowie means a lot to me. Childhood memories with my sister, grooving to Golden Rules and Changes in our room. A carte blanche to be a little bit different. A musical connection with my mom. A preoccupation with space even though it scared me. An excitement about making art whilst simultaneously not being afraid to be smart. The memory of on 1/9/16 watching Lazarus and saying I didn't get it, but I loved it. 1/10/16 talking with my husband about how the man could innovate until he was 90 years old. The gut-punch of randomly waking at 2:00 am on Monday morning to read the news of his death; breaking the news to an equally heartbroken husband. The dozens of viewing and listening to the Blackstar media. The lessening of fear of death. The knowledge that you can contribute up to the moment you pass. The uncanny parallels with the passing of my own grandmother. I love this tattoo; it combines a whole spectrum of emotion for me. Art. Resiliency. Intelligence. Strength. Death. Life on Mars. #bowietattoo #davidbowie #davidbowietattoo #lifeonmars

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His final album was a heartbreaking farewell, though it provided some of his most striking visuals for years.

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Number 1 #bowietattoo

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