Who will survive American Horror Story 1984? History tells us it will be the good girl

The new season takes on the slasher genre

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that a lot of people are going to die in this season of American Horror Story. Even if every series wasn’t full of blood and gore, the ninth instalment makes it clear that will also be the case in its very concept – a take on the slasher classics of the ‘80s.

We’re not expecting AHS: 1984 to be predictable by any means but we can look to those blood-spattered movies past for clues as to who will make it out of a summer at the seemingly cursed Camp Redwood alive. Whether creator Ryan Murphy will abide by these tried and trusted tropes or spin things on their head completely remains to be seen. While we’ve already seen some bloodshed from peripheral characters in the first two episodes, the main cast are still kicking (for now) – who is most likely to cark it first and who will survive American Horror Story 1984 to the very end?

First to die: Montana (Billie Lourd)


The subliminal message of most slasher movies is that being a promiscuous teenager who enjoys partying, sex, and generally breaking all the rules – you know, teenage things – is incredibly bad and deserving of death. As such, it stands to reason that Camp Redwood’s resident free spirit Montana could be the first to be offed by the murderer roaming the woods. Montana has already hooked up with the much older Trevor and tried to make out with Brooke, which seem like two things that would definitely make some prudish serial killer see red – blood red.

Trevor (Matthew Morrison)

He’s the sleazy camp activities director who’s permanently bulging *down there* and, as mentioned above, he’s already got it on with Montana. Trevor might not be a teenager but he’s definitely no saint, making him a prime candidate for an early departure.

Xavier (Cody Fern)

We already knew Xavier wasn’t a naive innocent when he joined in with the coke-snorting on the way to the camp in episode one. He only moved further away from being a beacon of purity in episode two when a dirty little secret of his was revealed. He won’t be quite the first to die but he probably won’t last too long after the main cast start getting cut down either. 

Chet (Gus Kenworthy)

Poor Chet only went to Camp Redwood to avoid having it rubbed in his face that he didn’t make the US Olympics team and now he’s got to deal with the likelihood that he won’t make it til the end of the games. His situation is a little different from his camp counsellor buddies – he’s spent all his time behaving and working hard but, now he’s not gonna get what he wants, he’s going to indulge. That path looks like one that will not only take him further away from his dream but also existence.   

Ray (DeRon Horton)

So far, Ray has flown pretty under the radar. Sure, he was involved in blowing back rails of coke in the van on the way to camp, but he seems like he’d be the least offensive of the party boys to the Camp Redwood killer, whoever they may be. 

Rita (Angelica Ross)


Camp nurse Rita isn’t getting murdered for the same reasons as the teens she meets on the first night. She’s in the crosshairs for being helpful – after all, she’s a qualified medical professional who has the potential to save our slasher’s victims. She’ll probably make it until quite late in the game and then meet a bloody end.

Margaret (Leslie Grossman)

There are some fan theories that reckon Margaret is actually the killer on the loose at the camp and not Mr Jingles or Richard Ramirez. To keep the suspense going on that front, she’ll probably be kept alive til the bitter end, when she’ll either be revealed as the criminal terrorising everyone or as an innocent bystander. If it’s the latter, it still makes sense – she was the sole survivor the first time round and is the archetypal “good girl”.

Survivor: Brooke (Emma Roberts)

All slasher movies ever made tell us that Brooke will be the only survivor – so far, she doesn’t get involved in the others’ antics, she’s a little bit of a nerd, and she seems like butter wouldn’t melt. She’s also been through a lot of trauma already, but managed to survive. Maybe she’ll have a turning point in her character arc where all that changes but, for now at least, her goody two shoes behaviour should see her live to tell the tale of one horrible summer.

American Horror Story 1984 airs in the UK on Fox.