‘American Horror Story: Cult’ episode 2: who are Ally and Ivy’s new neighbours?

A mysterious new couple arrive on the street

At the end of last week’s episode, the Changs – Ally and Ivy’s friends and neighbours – met a gruesome end via either a murder-suicide pact or a gang of killer clowns, depending who you believe. In normal life, the house where they died would stand empty for years until the memory of what happened faded at least a little, but this is American Horror Story so not only are new people already taking up residence in the blood-stained house, but there also seems to be more to them than initially meets the eye.

Harrison Wilton (Billy Eichner) and his wife Meadow (Leslie Grossman) seem odd from the second they arrive, unloading mysterious blue barrels into their new garage, Harrison dressed in a beekeeper outfit. Later, it’s revealed the costume is because he actually keeps bees and, while showing Oz and his mums his colony, says something a little strange. “A hive is the perfect natural community because every single member is completely committed, 100 percent, to a task,” he says. “There’s no arguments, no complaints, there’s no me. I admire them.” Could he also be describing the cult?

Largely, the new couple seem harmless. That is until Harrison is showing Ally his gun collection and offering her one as protection. Then, there’s the power outage. Without Harrison running over to Ally and Ivy’s house and blaming it on terrorists, would Ally freak out quite as much? After spouting lines about back up systems, failsafes and rioters, he instructs Ally and Winter to stay inside, but is this all part of a plan to keep the show’s resident scaredy cat trapped in her house with the clowns? 

Some fans have suggested Harrison and Meadow are cult members who moved in to the Changs’ old house to be closer to Ally to better target her. Reddit users have also pointed out that they are the couple who film Kai getting himself beaten up by otherwise innocent immigrants at the start of the episode, suggesting they know him given he planned to get himself attacked to cause tensions in the community.

They’ve also noted that when Harrison comes to the window during the power cut, he looks right past Ally to Winter, suggesting they’re in on something together. That Winter flees the house almost immediately after he leaves is also suspicious – and leaves Ally alone with just Oz for company, her mind racing and only her gun to protect her.