‘American Horror Story: Cult’ episode 5: Fans think this pinky lock shows how long the cult’s really been brewing for

Looks like it's been built up for a lot longer than just election night

If you thought the titular cult in this season of American Horror Story had started around the 2016 US election, then this week’s episode might make you think long and hard about that.

Among the many big reveals in episode five comes the slightly unexpected plot twist that Dr. Rudy Vincent is Kai and Winter’s older brother. Sure, we guessed he was involved somehow, but fans are freaking out about this new tie. They’re also intrigued by one very significant gesture.

Until now the locking of pinkies has been a move initiated only by Kai and only when he wants to learn what makes his recruits tick – or, more specifically, what terrifies them so much they’ll gladly go on a killing spree to prevent their fears becoming reality. And then, as Kai sits with his father’s blood on his hands, both his parents’ corpses lying prone around him in a flashback scene three years prior, in comes Dr. Vincent and holds out his pinky. Kai locks his own finger around his brother’s and immediately sets to work doing his bidding – pouring lye on his parents’ bodies to preserve them and padlocking the door. Nice.

Of course, fans aren’t letting this moment go by unnoticed. The fact Dr. Vincent makes the very same gesture as Kai when he’s getting to know his conscripts innermost thoughts and feelings is, they say, highly significant. Is this proof that the blue-haired monster isn’t the cult leader we all presumed, but merely his big brother’s apprentice?

Some viewers had previously suggested Kai wouldn’t be one of the clowns because cult leaders never take on the actual dirty work of killing themselves. If Dr. Vincent is the real kingpin here, that theory could still stand up – we’ve yet to see him donning a mask and wreaking havoc on the neighbourhood unlike his brother.