Is this the most twisted episode of ‘American Horror Story’ yet?

The latest instalment of 'Cult' took a very strange turn

Even if you’ve only seen snippets of American Horror Story, you’ll know it can get pretty dark. Creator Ryan Murphy has a knack for taking things to extremes and making TV that not only puts you on edge, but turns your stomach too. If you think you’ve already seen the worst he can do, the latest episode of seventh season Cult will prove you wrong.

Judgement House

How sweet of pre-cult Kai and Winter to get in some sibling bonding via tricking “true believers” on the dark web. This flashback scene is intended to show Kai’s protectiveness over his sister, but it also shows us that the Anderson siblings have always been a little bit twisted. After impressing one target, they receive an invitation to Judgement House, which turns out to be a little like a haunted house, but a lot more fucked up.

In the first room, they find a woman bleeding to death and being given shocks for “killing her baby”. In another, bodies are slumped around a bed where a man is being pumped full of ecstasy, cocaine and opioids through IV drips. In a third room, a man is strapped to a chair that can make knives skewer his body at the press of a button. Doors lock after they’re walked through and the whole thing is run by a mad man called Pastor Charles, who you definitely wouldn’t want to be your mouthpiece to any higher power.


The messiah

Obviously, any cult worth its salt needs to have a messiah – or so Kai decides in this episode. He has a couple of options in terms of who could be the mother of said being amongst the cult’s ranks – Beverly? Ivy? But instead, he chooses Winter. Even Kai realises having sex with his sister is a bit much so he comes up with a way to get around that whole incest thing – have a three-way with her and Detective Samuels so they can both be involved without even needing to touch. Call us prudes, but somehow it still just seems a little wrong…

RIP Dr. Vincent

It was speculated that Dr. Vincent, the therapist treating Ally, was the real cult leader, especially after it was revealed he had taught Kai the old “pinky power” move. That tactic for keeping people close to you comes back to bite Kai’s older brother, though, when he and Beverly are brought before the cult leader as “the betrayers”. Tricked into locking pinkies with his younger brother, it’s soon seen to that Vincent will never be making that move again…