‘American Horror Story: Cult’ episode 4 – Is Kai the Joker of the show?

Is the apparent cult leader wreaking havoc because of Trump or just for the sake of it?

Fans on Reddit posed an interesting question after the airing of this week’s American Horror Story: Cult episode. Is Kai, the apparent cult leader, the show’s Joker?

They might be onto something here, and not just because that villain is essentially a deranged man dressed as a clown. The Joker loves causing chaos, something there’s plenty of in Cult, what with all the gruesome murders, depraved clown sightings and unhinged plotting going on.

Initially, we all thought we had Kai pegged – there he was thrusting at his television when the election results were announced, before blending up a bowl of Cheetos and rubbing the dust all over his face. He was, we thought, just another Trump supporter ecstatic that their bigoted, orange-chopped hero had won power over America.

But perhaps we were wrong. After this week’s episode, we know Kai voted for Trump – but does he really believe in his policies? While talking to newsreader Beverly Hope, the blue-haired tyrant reveals he took feminist studies at uni, which doesn’t scream stereotypical Trump supporter. Was his vote more of a nod of recognition, a thank you to the then President-elect for showing him the way to utter mayhem?

Like The Joker, Kai has struck upon the perfect formula for spreading chaos. For the DC character that means using his expert knowledge of chemicals and building weapons. For Ryan Murphy’s creation, it’s preying on the weak, telling them what they want to hear, winning their trust and then manipulating them for his own gains. This week, we get to see that in action as Kai recruits Harrison and Meadow, and Beverly, with a lot of bloodshed along the way.  

The Joker has beaten many superheroes throughout the DC Comics series. Will Kai follow in his footsteps or will he ultimately meet his match?