Lena Dunham’s divisive guest spot and all the big talking points from the latest ‘AHS’ episode

This week's episode was the first to take a look at another cult

With only four episodes to go until Cult reaches it’s end, things are really starting to heat up. After weeks of recruiting, murdering and gunning for power, now we finally get to see how things are going to play out as Kai begins to achieve his goals. Here’s the biggest talking points from this week’s episode.

Evan Peters makes an incredible Andy Warhol

Not only does Evan expertly play the dangerous Kai in Cult, he’s also set to play a further five characters throughout the rest of the series. We saw the first of them this week as he portrayed pop art icon Andy Warhol. Make-up and costume go some way to transforming Evan into Warhol, but then he speaks and moves and it’s hard to believe Ryan Murphy hasn’t somehow resurrected Drella himself to wander around a recreation of his tinfoil-lined Factory.

Lena Dunham’s appearance as Valerie Solanas had fans divided

It makes perfect sense to cast Lena Dunham as Valerie Solanas, wannabe assassinator of Warhol and SCUM Manifesto creator. Both are considered feminist icons by some, although one’s views and approaches to equality were far more extreme than the other’s. Some fans weren’t best pleased with her part in the episode, though, accusing her of only being able to play herself and criticising her dramatic performance. Others, however, pointed out that she was merely representing Valerie as she was – because the leader of a cult that wanted to “eliminate the male sex” and the women who courted them in the name of equality probably was never going to be a restrained character.

Is Kai trying to kill off each original cult member?

He’s already got rid of Meadow by seducing her into suicide and now he’s played the women in the cult to dispose of Harrison too. Fans have come up with a new theory that, since Kai became a councilman and gained a ton of new, uniformed followers (how many blue-shirted hard-faced men are guarding him in his house?!), he’s going to try and kill off the original cult members. Why? Because they are the only ones who know how he got into power and were witnesses to the murders he (and they) committed. He can’t trust them not to rat him out, even if that means implicating themselves at the same time.

Bebe Babbot seems too good to be true

How did Bebe Babbot, the cloaked woman who tells Beverly, Winter and Ivy about Valerie, know about the cult? Her coming in and riling up the women of the cult to rise up against Kai seems a little too good to be true – not one of them questions her stories, not even Winter, who took Women’s Studies at Vassar and should be a little more au fait with the SCUM story. Later, when Kai tells Winter about Harrison’s so-called idea to name the cult Men Lead, Women Bleed and plants the idea that he’s got something against women, she gathers her fellow ladies – inspired by Bebe’s tales – to bring the beekeeper to a very nasty end.

Then, as Kai sits watching Beverly’s news report on Harrison’s murder, comes the twist. Bebe sitting in the chair across from his, smirking as he says, “They’re at their best when they’re angry, don’t you think?” Whatever could they be up to…