American Horror Story: Musicians We’d Like To See Guest On The Most Twisted Show On TV

American Horror Story might just be the confusing thing to hit TV in decades. Not just because of its ridiculous story lines – intricate and meandering plots that think nothing of throwing aliens, demonic nuns and mad scientists with a line in mutant monsters into the mix all in the space of sixty minutes – but also because of its blend of schlocky B-movie horror and humour with moments of genuine terror and emotion. You never really know whether to laugh or cry or hide under your bed with a cricket bat in fear – and that’s kind of what makes it so fiercely watchable.

Season six of the show lands later year, with Lady Gaga confirmed to return alongside cast regulars Evan Peters and Kathy Bates to name a few. She isn’t the only musician to have been drawn to this often overlooked TV gem: Fleetwood Mac hero Stevie Nicks popped up in season three as a witch, while Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine ran into trouble with a masked killer in season two. Sky Ferreira has hinted that she’s soon to appear in the cult programme, too. But who else from the world of music should cameo? Here’s five stars who should be on American Horror’s hit list…



If we learned anything from the ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ video, it’s that Rihanna has a flair for bloody violence that sets tongues – ye olde speak for internet think-pieces – in motion. At a point in the show where audience numbers might begin to drop as the novelty of the format wears off, she’d ensure it remains a massive talking point. In American Horror Story, a series with a firm history of strong-willed female characters with a Rihanna-ish streak of patriarchy-defying badassery, the singer would slot in nicely. Alright, so her last big acting credit – big budget board game adaptation flop ‘Battleship’ – was hardly great. But the malevolence she’s capable of in her music videos would translate nicely to American Horror.

50 Cent

Back when he was a lot wealthier and, by his own omission, more cool than he is now, 50 Cent showed off his acting chops by starring in 2005 sort-of biopic Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. If you haven’t seen it – think 8 Mile but a whole lot worse. Now that Fiddy’s gotten rich and lost it again, the only part left of the equation is the latter half. So who knows, perhaps a return to the acting world is on the cards? Largely portraying different iterations of himself in film after film, 2011’s All Things Fall Apart saw the rapper broadening his range by shedding four stone for the part of a cancer-stricken former athlete. It’s this kind of method-acting he could bring to AHS.

Die Antwoord

In an age where nothing is truly shocking any more, Die Antwoord somehow succeed in giving us the creeps in exactly the same way as American Horror Story does. Their music videos are perhaps the most menacing spectacles since Aphex Twin, as evidenced above. Ninja and Yolandi Visser have all the macabre qualities needed, we’re just sad they missed out on season four, American Horror: Story Freak Show. Also – they seem open to the idea of expanding into film and TV, on the basis of their appearance in admittedly a bit shit recent robot drama Chappie.


Marilyn Manson

Spending the majority of his working life getting his make-up retouched, it’s no surprise that Manson has fit so well into the acting world. First appearing in David Lynch’s Lost Highway back in 1997, the shock-rocker has more recently bagged roles in such TV shows as Sons of Anarchy, Californication and Eastbound & Down. Without his Antichrist Mickey Mouse garb, Manson (real name Brian Warner) manages to pass as a normal run-of-the-mill guy, but there’s still that underlying ominous quality that can’t properly be pinned down. It’s this that would make Manson a great addition to the American Horror Story roll call, perhaps as the supervisor of a mid-Western summer camp who later turns out to be a serial killer. Or a Cold War-era spy working for the Russians. The possibilities are endless.