‘American Horror Story’: This Fan Theory Says Season Six Is Mirroring Past Series

TV’s scariest show returned this month with its sixth season of nerve-shredding frights, creepy villains and supernatural hauntings. This series, entitled Roanoke, sees a young interracial couple from LA relocate to the country following a miscarriage. Big mistake. After moving into a suspiciously cheap house in upstate North Carolina (aka the middle of nowhere), Shelby and Matt Miller (Cuba Wooding Jr., Sarah Paulson) soon encounter the building’s terrifying occupants.

It’s more of the spooky same from producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who kept us guessing about Roanoke’s theme right up until its premiere. But now the first episode has finally aired, it seems viewers have got the upper hand once more.

That’s right, this fan theory has apparently worked out how each episode of the new series cleverly links back to season’s one to five. Have a read below and see what you think.

My theory on what will happen on ep6. from AmericanHorrorStory

For those still scrambling to get their heads round the idea, we’ll explain. What redditor Danielski1 is arguing is that every episode of season six directly corresponds to a previous season.

For example, in episode one we have a family moving to a haunted house after a miscarriage. They then experience a supernatural presence and attempt to leave, only to be ignored by the powers that be – just like in series one. We’ve also got creepy neighbours, nurses and pig men, which all feature in Murder House as well.

In episode two, the narrative focuses more on the evil medics and it’s revealed the house used to be a nursing home (although not many of the patients ever returned to full health…). This echoes themes prevalent in series two, Asylum.

The post was actually written before this week’s third episode aired, but the theory still correctly predicted that witches would feature heavily. Good work. We’ll just have to wait and see if the theory’s forecast for episodes four and five come true as well.