Amidst A Wave Of Racist Attacks People Are Sharing The Wisdom Of UK Rapper Akala

It’s fair to say that things are somewhat fraught in the UK right now. There’s the post-Brexit backlash, the Labour party pulling itself apart, Tories lining up for a leadership contest and a nasty, nasty wave of hate crimes have been reported in the days following the EU Referendum. Over 100 racial incidents have been reported in the past few days, everything from notes scrawled with the words ‘Leave the EU, no more Polish vermin’ shoved through people’s letterboxes to videos posted on Twitter and Facebook which see people being verbally abused on the street and being told ‘go back to your own country’. For anyone who was convinced that the UK was a progressive nation, the past week’s events have provided one hell of a shock.

At this strange time, people are remembering when north London rapper – and Ms Dynamite’s little bro – Akala nailed Britain’s inherent racism and the historical nature of predudice and bigotry last year on Frankie Boyle’s online-only BBC show, Frankie Boyle’s Election Autopsy 2015.

The powerful clip, in which he talks about the insidious nature of racism in the UK, has been viewed a whopping 3.1 million times, and shared almost 60,000 times since June 27.

“When you refer to humans as cockroaches, that is a mandate for murder,” he says, referencing a 2015 column by Katie Hopkins in which she used the slur against migrants. “The moment humans become ‘non-human’, that is a mandate for murdering – there is a long historical parallel of that.”

Among all the shouts for Akala to become the next Prime Minister, the many comments below the video say it all: “Too real for a lot of people to comprehend, Akala is a legend.”