Amy Winehouse Remembered, One Year On

It’s one year to the day since Amy Winehouse passed away. To mark this desperately sad anniversary, we asked NME users to share their memories of Amy, via Twitter and Facebook. We’ve published a selection of the responses below. Best read while listening to ‘Back In Black’ on full blast, and remembering Amy at her incredible, soulful, heartbroken best.

Ash Clarke
“You’ve been a reason to be proud of this country. No matter what people say about you, you were an artist in a generation where so-called singers let other people write lyrics and music for them, and where money and success are people’s biggest goals. I’m thankful that I had the pleasure to meet you several times and talk to you about basic things. Wherever you are right now, I hope you found the peace you haven’t been able to find in life. Rest in Peace Amy.”

Richard Dutton

Appreciation of her songs is all this should be about, real great songs and a real great voice. RIP x

Dave Elliott

“People have got to understand addiction is an illness and you should treat it as one, Amy had an amazing talent and was a genuine singer who delivered her performance and voice in a unique way that can’t be replaced. Don’t remember her for the media tabloid spin, remember her for the music- RIP.”

Nick Bennetts

A year has gone so quickly. Music broke her in more ways than one. She had an incredible voice. R.I.P