An Analysis Of Daisy Ridley’s ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Teaser Shot

Star Wars: Episode VIII still feels like it’s in a galaxy far far away. The filming is so secretive, ‘Rey’ actress Daisy Ridley is being forced to wear a pillowcase in her Instagram workout videos to avoid spoilers about her hair, and what it might reveal. At least the filming is relatively close to home, with filming currently being wrapped up on the Irish coast. And it’s just got even closer, with Ridley torturing her followers with a teaser photo.

We left the space opera at the end of Episode VII, ‘The Force Awakens’, on the island of Ahch-To, with Rey looking into the face of Luke Skywalker. The beautiful, green, cliffy island, seems to match the one Ridley posted on Instagram, so it’s safe to assume this is where the plot will be returning at the start of Episode VIII. This has obviously sent everyone into a frenzy and Reddit is going nuts with speculation and rumination as to what will happen in the next instalment. Get ready for some deep-ass analysis on a picture of grass.

In addition to the teaser photo, yesterday the internet unearthed a video from May which seems to depict filming of The Meditation Rock, which in leaked artwork sees Skywalker levitating and visualising two suns. Fans believe the figure being filmed on the rock is indeed Mark Hamill, wearing a billowing cloak. As the owner of the video points out, the nearby helicopter is “probably not filming sheep and cows.”

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