An Open Letter To Lily Allen – Please Come Back To Pop

Dear Lily,

Sorry to bug you on your birthday, but we thought it was time for a catch up. You’re probably busy with the baby and the shop but we just had to get in contact with you.


Look, we’ll get right to the point. Pop music needs you right now. Although we respect your decision to retire in 2010, the news that you are recording a new album has filled us with childish glee. Because although you may have tried your hand at presenting, shop owning and other endeavours, none of your skills have been better deployed than when you’re creating pop music.


The transition from the mouthy, streetwise kid of your debut ‘Alright Still’ to the fully grown woman contemplating fate and fame on 2009’s ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ was one of the more thrilling musical transitions in recent years. We’re sure that the songs you’ve penned for the Bridget Jones musical are great, and you’ll bring some humour and wit to a project that, frankly, sounds like it could be all jazz hands and no trousers.

Still, that doesn’t stop the fact that we’d love, love, love to get you back on the pop map sometime soon. Since you left the charts, no one has really taken your place. You followed the lead that Mike Skinner established; a voice-of-the-people honesty, matched with pop hooks that couldn’t be denied. Sure we’ve had Plan B, Rizzle Kicks and other mouthy urban pop stars, but no one has come close to combining your wit, ear for a hook and unflinching honesty in song.

What would you have to say about the state of the world in 2012? David Cameron, phone-hacking, and your new life in the country? Let us know, Lily, we’re dying to hear your thoughts.