Drake’s Progress – Ancient Footage Has Emerged Of A Teenage Drake Doing Improv Comedy

Drake – the human meme – has gone viral again. In fact, in this ancient video, which has just surfaced due to a new television show about the historic Rivoli Theatre in the rapper’s native Toronto, proves he always had the ability to raise a chuckle.

So yes, what you’re seeing above is a video of a teenage Drake doing improv comedy at the Rivolo, possibly around the time he was starring in the Canadian soap opera Degrassi: The Next Generation. If you thought Drake was maudlin – no! He’s always been a funny dude, it seems.

Off-screen, someone instructs Drake to act “nervous” when his character learns there’s graffiti about him in the toilet, while the skit also addresses the fact you probably shouldn’t work out when pregnant. Best of all: he delivers that health warning via a country-and-western song, on which Drake – always living in the moment and always utterly present – croons, “I don’t know and you don’t know what to say/But something we can agree on/We’re both really gay.” Nailed it!

As we discussed in our recent cover story, Drake’s thespian background differs from that of rappers from years gone by. We don’t recall ever seeing, say, Ol’ Dirty Bastard performing country-and-western at a comedy improv session. Drake: forever playing the meme game.