Andrew WK Parties Hard On Liberace’s Piano

No one knows how to party hard like Andrew Wilkes-Krier. This is a fact. He’s been entertaining/baffling/terrifying innocent spectators for years now–ever since he started performing kamikaze karaoke at New York coffeehouses, accompanied only by a cheap boombox, thus making it impossible for customers to enjoy their Espresso Macchiatos in peace. Andrew WK is always a startling vision of pure white light/white heat as he lumbers wildly about a stage, attacks his piano, or blows stuff up with boylike abandon on his self-explanatorily titled reality show Destroy Build Destroy–all the while looking like a rock ‘n’ roll version of the Incredible Hulk with all the green body paint bleached away.

And last night, AWK continued to amaze, amuse, and confuse over at L.A.’s Gibson showroom, where for an intimate gathering of 100 amped-on-free-Monster-energy-drinks fans (some of whom had their nostrils smeared with fake blood in his honor), he put on a stream-of-consciousness, freeform, piano solo concert. WHILE PLAYING LIBERACE‘S FAMOUS MIRRORED PIANO.

Wheeled out in a giant, felt-covered box–from which he emerged wearing his trademark soiled white T-shirt and jeans–Andrew WK greeted the crowd in his idiot savant/motivational speaker manner as only he could:

Then he did some of his mad-genius (or just plain mad) improv (fast-forward to 1:50 to hear his deep thoughts on the importance of food):

And then, of course, he performed Randy Newman-esque renditions of his funtime kegger anthems, “Party Hard” and “I Get Wet”:

I think Liberace would be proud.