Andrew WK Reviews The Singles

This article originally appeared in the May 15 issue of NME

Atari Teenage Riot – Activate!
This song rules! I have loved Atari Teenage Riot since I first heard them back in the late ’90s – their energy and focus have always been inspiring. Alec Empire is a master. I’m so excited that they’re playing again! ‘Activate!’ is the perfect jam to blast us into a new level of hardcore, sonic glory! Go, ATR, go! All systems activate.

White Rabbits – They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong
I like the way this starts – with surprising changing rhythms! I also like this band’s name as I’ve always loved white rabbits, especially with big blood-red eyes. This sounds like a rabbit – friendly, calm, soft. At first, it’s like the music people hear as they board an airplane. But then it grows and expand! The rabbits start mating and producing musical babies! White Rabbits done wrong? NO! They done right.

Chiddy Bang – Truth
I really appreciate that this song works with half-time and double-time tempos. That’s always fun, and pretty rare in pop music. It’s very effective at keeping the song engaging and makes the energy very dynamic. Pump the dance beat! Four on the floor chorus! Then pull it back to a heavy groove for the verse! It works every time

New Young Pony Club – We Want To
I have always loved small horses, but never understood the whole ‘pony’ thing. I have nothing against ponies, but the idea of a bunch of new young ponies forming a club, it just doesn’t seem that possible… As for the music, I really, really like the vocals. It’s rare for me to hear a voice that just sounds like someone singing, rather than a singer singing. When a singer sings, it’s like when a bee makes honey. But when a human being sings, it’s like when a bee stings.

Drake – Over
I’ve heard this in New York City. It’s a very special song – the beat on the verse is a breakthrough! It almost sounds like two songs combined – switching back and forth – it’s pretty extreme in that regard. The chorus is almost like a totally different song, and then the beat kicks in and it’s a double chorus! Then a triple chorus! Drake specialises in monster hook.

Lethal Bizzle & Nick bridges FT Luciana – Go Go Go
Woah! This is a song built for energy! It’s built for going crazy! Anything with a four-on-the-floor kick has got me in a good place, and when you start saying the word ‘GO’, then I’m hooked! Saying ‘GO’ is just so fun. I have a song called ‘Party Til You Puke’ where I shout ‘GO’ about 90 times, and it never loses its thrill.

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