Andy Burrows – Does Rock’N’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse. This Week: Andy Burrows from We Are Scientists/Razorlight/I Am Arrows


Name three bands you are not in, who you follow on Twitter
“Ash. Can I have We Are Scientists? No, that’s a bit silly, I’m in them. I can’t think of anyone I follow.”
Half a point. You could have had The Divine Comedy or Muse
“Do I follow Muse? They obviously haven’t tweeted for a while.”

You’ve been working with Melanie C on her new album…
“Well, not really. We’re quite good chums and we tried to do some writing but it didn’t really work, we ended up in the pub. Does that mean I win and you lose?”
No. That’s not the question. The question is: Name all five Spice Girls when they released ‘Wannabe’ in 1996
“Well, Melanie Chisholm. Emma Bunton. Geri Halliwell. I don’t know Victoria’s maiden name; it wasn’t Beckham. And Mel B. But B for…?”
Half a point. Melanie Brown and Victoria Adams

You co-wrote Razorlight’s ‘America’ with Johnny Borrell, left. How many states make up the United States Of America?

Name the tracklisting in order from your debut album, ‘The Colour Of My Dreams’
“I know it starts with ‘Boxes’. But after that I have absolutely no idea.”
Wrong. ‘Boxes’, ‘Big Chief Grandad’, ‘The Colour Of My Dreams’… need we go on?
“The title track and I couldn’t even get that! That’s appalling.”

What instrument is the rabbit playing on the front cover of ‘The Best Party Ever’ by The Boy Least Likely To, on which you feature?
Wrong. Xylophone

Which of the TV Gladiators features in the video to Razorlight’s ‘Before I Fall To Pieces’?
“I’ve no idea. Guy Pearce from Neighbours (He played Mike Young from 1986 to 1989 – Soap Ed) is in it, I know that much. But I didn’t know a Gladiator was in it. That’s total news to me.”
Wrong. Nikki Diamond, aka Scorpio

Johnny Borrell featured on the front cover of which newspaper and for what reason?
“The Independent. Was it something to do with Live8?”
Half a point. He wrote an essay on climate change, apparently
“He wrote an essay? I didn’t know that.”

If Razorlight’s song ‘Don’t Go Back To Dalston’ is about Pete Doherty, which Libertines song is about Johnny Borrell?
“Erm… Er… I don’t know why I’m saying ‘Er…’ I have no idea.”
Wrong. ‘The Boy Looked At Johnny’
“Well, that makes sense.”

You also drum for We Are Scientists, who have created a TV show called Steve Wants His Money. What changes to NME do characters Keith and Chris propose when they come in to meet NME editor Krissi Murison in one episode?
“Oh no. I’ve only seen one episode.”
Wrong. They propose that NME should be on edible paper
“Ha! That’s not a bad idea.”

Why did Razorlight get a bad press after performing at Live8?
“I’d imagine somebody said we didn’t give any money to charity or something.”
Correct. Other artists who performed also donated royalties from their albums because it was contentiously suggested that artists only appeared to raise their own profiles, but Razorlight didn’t bother
“I do remember. There’s a still a bit of a cloud over what actually happened.”

Total Score: 3.5/10
“That’s pretty lame. That’s quite a frightening score. My memory must be shot away!”

This article originally appeared in the November 12th issue of NME

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