Angel Haze Back In Fighting Form On Fierce New Single ‘Impossible’

Angel Haze has always had the potential to be one of rap’s best, but in 2013, her debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ was overshadowed by label politics that saw the rapper leak it online herself. It sold only 857 copies in its first week of release in the UK, and less than 1,000 in the States.

Now, Haze (real name Raee’n Roes Wilson) is back and coming out swinging. ‘Impossible’ isn’t the first track she’s shared this year – the lovesick ‘Candlxs’ and skittering ‘Gxmes’ precede it – but it’s definitely her hardest hitting. Everything about it courses with anger and passion, from the on-point lyrics to its big, battering ram beats.

Haze has never been short of fighting talk, and there’s plenty evidence of that here. “Consider suicide, I do that these days/I’ve thought about what I could do with my grave,” she raps at one point, but giving up isn’t her style. “Google search how to make a grenade, top of my aim/Scribble some names, took a few breaths, blew out some steam/And I threw that shit out and blew up the game.”

Politics gets a look-in, too, and while Haze doesn’t single out any specific events, it’s not too much of a leap to link her sentiments with the many instances of police brutality or unlawful killings of black people in the US in the past year. “I got my middle finger up to white America for trying to whitewash my blackness,” she spits, later adding “Fuck you, you can never break me/Thought I told you I’m not human, I’m machine.”

As Haze says on the track, “I just rose from the ashes again/There is nothing that can’t hold me down.” Expect the mixtape ‘Impossible’ teases to be full of just as much unrelenting fire.