Angel Haze Spits Venom On New Track ‘Babe Ruthless’

I have never been like the rest of them/I’ve always been the opposite”. Angel Haze rasps and shouts her way through ‘Babe Ruthless’ as if she’s on a mission to slay anyone in her path. The Detroit rapper suits the role of aggressive outsider, and she plays it with venom on this latest taster of upcoming mixtape ‘Back To The Woods’.

The track’s key lines find her raging, “I been a young unlucky motherfucker since I came out/I believe my only remedy’s a grave”. When she continues, “I am in a white straitjacket like I’m padded in my brain/And it feels like I’ve been stuck in here for ages”, her fury is palpable.

The juddering noise around her forms a suitably harsh backdrop, nodding to the industrial crashing of Death Grips. Machine gun drums back Haze’s declaration that she’s “your favourite rapper’s mortician”. She follows it up by describing just what she’ll do to her enemies over blasting synths: “If you fucking with me I get gnarly/Drama get added and you get subtracted/I got the only thing left I can give you/And that’ll be waiting on you in the casket”.

Before these hellish three minutes reach a climax, there’s room for some arrogance (“Who the fuck think they can test me now?/Look far, look wide, I’m the best around”) but ‘Babe Ruthless’ thrills because it finds Haze looking inwards, and coming up with some uncomfortable results.