Annuals, Drums Of Death, Black Lips, Bombay Bicycle Club – Free MP3 Downloads

Contrary to their name, Annuals are actually the biennials of the music world, blooming every two years with a kaleidoscopic new display for the indie garden. The South Carolinan six-piece dropped an 8/10 debut in 2006 (‘Be He Me’), a sophomore in 2008 (‘Such Fun’), and are set to release their third, ‘Count The Rings’ in September.


To extend their Forestry Commission metaphors, this tree has added several new rings in the meantime and the album branches out into various new areas, from folktonica to tropical funk via falsetto-peppered blues . Part Flaming Lips, part Mew and part Broken Social Scene, ‘Count The Rings’ is actually a collection of tracks and b-sides that never got releases in the UK but it serves as a fine LP in its own right, and is out on Sept 7th on Souterrain Transmission.

This free track is the opener and, like much of the album, pulses with an energetic undercurrent and serves to remind why its worth checking in with Annuals every time they return.

Download Eyes In The Darkness here

On a completely different planet, Greco-Roman’s dark prodigy, remixer and producer Drums Of Death. The Scottish techno head’s been doing the rounds in London’s early hours for some time now while building a name supporting Hot Chip and remixing most of Peaches’ work. He also released one of the best tracks of 2009.

Now he’s on the verge of dropping his own debut, a collection of “love songs and rave horns” called ‘Generation Hexed’, and has released a series of “Dubs Of Death” including this track to mark the occasion. Download it; it’s great, despite the air horns.


Download Lonely Dub here

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