Apologies, I Have None – Free (Very Shouty) MP3

It’s all been a bit corporate at NFTU over the last few days so I figured it was time to get back to, y’know, the actual point of this entire blog. And that is getting scratchy little punk rock bands and slapping them all over the interslice, so check out a free tune from London’s Apologies, I Have None and rejoice at the sound of noise being made by two guys without very much money.

Very much in the style of early Against Me! (as in ‘Reinventing Axl Rose’-era, one of the greatest albums ever made and one that only shines brighter when placed in comparison to the rest of that band’s work) in their righteous clatter, Apologies, I Have None comprise one drummer, one guitarist and four lungs. And it’s those lungs that burn and work hardest, as the plaintive, simple calls-to-arms that they deal in are designed to be bellowed, not hummed.

I put their latest EP ‘Two Sticks And Six Strings’ on the office stereo and as many people tapped their feet (and probably thought inwardly of revolution and setting really rich people on fire) as came up to me saying, ‘What the fuck is this shit?’ They won’t be liked by everyone – at all – but they’re the sort of band who will reward the relative few who do clasp them to their hearts.

Check ’em out – you may like them or you may march to NME Towers with a pitchfork in your hand asking why I did this to you. I think they’re bloody ace. But then again a) you knew that already and b) who gives a shit, right?


Download Apologies, I Have None‘s ‘Green Green Mabley Green’ here