Arcade Fire For Glastonbury? I’d Rather Shake It With Outkast

In an interview on Radio 2 last night, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler replied to Jo Whiley’s question about playing UK festivals next year with the not-so-cryptic response: “Get your wellies ready!” This has inevitably sent the internet’s rumour mills into overdrive, with everyone unsurprisingly quick to link “wellies” with “Glastonbury” like a massive online game of word association.

As exciting as the idea of being forced by Win’s decree to change out of muddy macs and into fancy dress on a wet Saturday night is, Win’s hint was immediately trumped by some tantalising rumours emanating from America’s Dirty South: namely that Outkast, the greatest, most inventive and best-dressed hip-hop duo of all time could reform to play festivals next summer, starting with California’s Coachella in April.

This is seriously exciting news. It’s been a long wait since they officially went on hiatus in 2007, having not performed together since 2004. They last released an album in 2006, and last released a good album back in 2003 (final release ‘Idlewild’ was the soundtrack to their ill-advised movie of the same name, and was less exciting than, well, an Idlewild record).

Still, when they were good they were very, very good. A greatest hits set that incorporated the best from 1994’s ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ through to the solo-project double albums ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’ would be hard for any band in the world to match up to. (Speaking of the latter record, Ludacris’ verse on ‘Tomb Of The Boom’ features some of my all-time favourite rhymes: “I’m with some nasty hoes, eating pistachios / Y’all driving Subarus, stuck in your cubicles / I’m stuck in the air with weed crumbs under my cuticles.”)

Big Boi, at least, has form at Glastonbury, having played after Janelle Monae in 2011 and casually dropping this arsenal of Outkast hits: ‘Rosa Parks’, ‘So Fresh, So Clean’, ‘Ms. Jackson’, ‘Ghetto Musick’, ‘B.O.B.’ and ‘The Way You Move’. To see him reunited onstage with Andre 3000 would be one of the moments of the summer – and what could be better than watching 100,000 people in wellies shake it like a polaroid picture?