Arctic Chipmunkeys: somebody has made a 8 Bit version of ‘Four Out Of Five’ and it bangs

It’s been almost seven weeks since Arctic Monkeys dropped their divisive-but-not-really-that-divisive-because-it’s-bloody-ace sixth album, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino‘. Moving away from the raucous “chip-shop rock’n’roll” of their debut, and past the arena filling hits of their 2013 offering ‘AM’, album number six instead embraced Bowie-tinged ‘Hunky Dory’ pop and glorious, piano led harmonies. And some might say that they can’t imagine the songs on the record getting any better; but I say, snap out of it dear reader! Because somebody has created 8-bit versions of several of the album tracks, and they absolutely bang.

Youtube user “DaveTheAlmightyGod” has made a bit of a name for himself creating flawless, retro, Gameboy-like version of indie anthems. He’s made ‘R U Mine‘ sound like Pokemon battle music, and ‘Brianstorm‘ has been transformed into the soundtrack to a particularly tricky boss level; but now it’s the turn of the tracks from ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ to be recreated, and they could be his best work yet.

Take the titular track, which started as a slick slice of lounge pop, and now, it’s been recreated as an eerie, Chiptune masterpiece, that’d be right at home on the ‘Undertale‘ soundtrack. Given that the whole album is named after Neil Armstrong’s landing site on the moon, which he named “Tranquility Base”, it’s fitting that this synthed up version would basically be perfect background music for our old pal Mario to go exploring in space.


And then he’s also done ‘Four Out Of Five’, which is now a screaming to be used as the backing music to solving some particularly tricky puzzles given to you by a strange mystic (who only appears in this one part of the game, for no apparent reason). Some would argue that everything sounds better with lashings of Nintendo, and those people would be absolutely right.

So now, really, the only thing left to do is give the people what they want; give us the star treatment and get us a Tranquility Base NES game. Or at least, the entire album in glorious, unadulterated 8 Bit form.