Arctic Monkeys’ Brand New Track – What Do You Think?

Exciting news for a Thursday: the first rumblings of Arctic Monkeys’ big return have started. Last night (May 22), at their first show in almost a year at the Majestic Ventura Theater in California, they unveiled a new track, ‘Do You Wanna Know?’ It’s the strongest clue yet that a new album cannot be too far off.

So what does it tell us? News that the band had been out in Rancho de la Luna, the Joshua Tree mecca where they worked with Josh Homme on ‘Humbug’, lead plenty of us to speculate that they might be going back to the murky ways of that ‘fan favourite’ (Humbug). Well that’s only true to the smallest extent, they probably just liked the surroundings.

You can check out fan footage right here.


‘Do You Wanna Know?’ is a low-slung, ritualistic marcher. There are shades of classic rock to it, as Alex sings some darkly romantic lyrics, before eerie guitar lines spiral ever bigger as it approaches the final act. There’s even the vaguest whiff of ‘Bond Theme’ to it.

So on this evidence, do you think the Monkeys are onto something for album five? What do you think of ‘Do You Wanna Know?’ And what are you hoping for from the Sheffield boys this time round?