Check out the Arctic Monkeys x Childish Gambino mash-up you never knew you wanted

These DIY compositions are a delicate and sometimes controversial business, but when they're done right, they can be an absolute work of art

Musical mash-ups: a triumph of creative innovation that further unites the inter-connectivity of the great thing we call music, or a God-forsaken manipulation of the art form that should be struck down at every opportunity?

It’s a debate that’ll no doubt rage on throughout time – or until Trump pushes the button – but for now, let’s agree that, no matter where you stand on the genre, one mash-up in particular should soar above any sort of criticism. Step forward, ‘I Wanna Be Terrified’.

From the mind of OneBoredJeu – a master of the mash-up format who, since she started producing such tracks in 2012, has notched nearly 20 million streams since the relaunch of her channel in 2015 – ‘I Wanna Be Terrified’ pairs the lush instrumental from Childish Gambino‘s ‘Terrified’ (from his most recent album, ‘”Awaken, My Love!”‘) with Alex Turner’s vocals from Arctic Monkeys‘ Dr. John Cooper Clarke cover ‘I Wanna Be Yours’, which closed their 2013 album ‘AM’.


Unlikely bedfellows, perhaps, but therein lies the innate beauty of the perfect mash-up: taking two brilliant songs, pouring them into the same Audacity-powered beaker, and watching the resulting exothermic reaction of greatness pour forth all over the place. Go on – tell us we’re wrong when we say that ‘I Wanna Be Terrified’ is anything but perfect. We dare you.

Check out more of OneBoredJeu’s (who also goes by the name Maddy – you can follow her on Twitter and pitch mash-up requests here) excellent mash-ups here – we recommend the similarly life-changing Tupac/Arctic Monkeys offering, for starters.