The creepiest moments from Arctic Monkeys’ far-out ‘Four Out Of Five’ video

The dog. The drone. The beard.

Bet you thought the weirdness was over, didn’t you? The new Arctic Monkeys album is out (and brilliant), they’ve debuted the new live show, and things can surely start getting back to normal. But you’re wrong. It’s never over. Alex Turner will not rest until we’re all duped, spooked, or both.

Case in point: the newly-released video for the first official single from the divisive record, ‘Four Out Of Five’. A Stanley Kubrick-indebted, creepy-as-a-crawly short film, which traces its way through the stranger corners of Turner’s space jamming mindset, it’s evidence that the ‘Tranquility Base…’ era is set to remain wacky for quite some time yet.


Below, we’ve rounded up the creepiest moments from Arctic Monkeys’ new ‘Four Out Of Five’ video, and – of course – some accompanying memes from the Monkeys’ rabid fanbase. Get stuck in.

1. That horrible droning sound

Things don’t get off to a great start, to be honest. After a shot of beardy Al sat at the piano, things quickly get spooky, with a jarring, droning noise beginning to reverberate around the place. A delightfully fluffy dog does its best to lighten the mood (and gives a spectacular side-eye later in the clip), but that noise is gonna haunt our darkest dreams for a while.

2. Why’s Alex in Berlin?

The crux of the video lies in the constant switching between that fancy Yorkshire manor and this stark, very flash-looking subway station (much nicer than London Paddington, that’s for sure). Eagle-eyed party-goers might recognise that ‘S’ logo in the top left corner of the above screenshot, placing this particular scene in Berlin, Germany. Thought you were meant to be on the moon, Al? What’ s going on, eh? Maybe he’s looking for a way into Berghain.

3. That dramatic zoom


As the second verse comes swooping in, things take a turn for the overly dramatic with a wobbly, high-speed zoom. Many have noted that it’s seemingly a nod to iconic director Stanley Kubrick, but we regret to inform them all they are wrong. It’s in fact an homage to Alex Turner’s love of the dramatic chipmunk video (one of the O.G. memes), and that really annoying ‘Superzoom’ feature that keeps ruining otherwise perfectly serviceable Instagram stories. The more you know.

4. The on-off beard

There’s been a lot written about Alex Turner’s facial fuzz. Personally, it’s growing on me (well, it grew on him first! Ho, ho, ho!). However, in the weird, Berlin-ish parallel universe that one of the Turners exists in in this new vid, he’s whipped out the razor and got rid. What’s even creepier about all this is that the beard seems to have returned for recent shows, so – assuming they didn’t film and edit this absolutely barmy clip over the weekend – he’s shaved it off… and then opted to grow it back. Sorry everyone: looks like it’s here to stay.