Can You Complete These Arctic Monkeys Lyrics?

Let's put your fandom to the test

Although Alex Turner might have changed a fair bit over Arctic Monkeys‘ career – from a gawky teenager with his first guitar, to a leather clad, brylcreemed heartthrob – one thing has remained constant; his lyrics. From the witty and observational squeak first heard on the coming-of-age debut ‘Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not’ through to his whiskey-smooth crooning on their pinnacle ‘AM‘, the lyrics he produced have been consistently brilliant and ever improving.

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In fact, it’s fair to say that Turner’s lyrics (which he writes alone) has simply been a vehicle of his adolescence, one that he worries could leave without him at any point. “Writing songs for me is like waiting for deliveries,” he once said to former NME writer and Beats 1 presenter Matt Wilkinson. “There’s always that thing… maybe it will just disappear? I could go and do gardening or something.” With any luck, it won’t disappear. Turner did recently say “I feel bad for not writing for a while. I want to get back on the piano, get back up to writing a song a week” in a recent interview, so we’re probably going be a-ok.

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What better time than now to try remember the lyrics he has penned. From the debut to the last, there are some stunning lines about woe, love and lads spilling out of a club – but can you remember them word-for-word? We’ve compiled the world’s hardest Arctic Monkeys lyrics quiz so you can prove whether you’re the chicken or the dickhead. If you’re a true fan, this will be a cake walk. If not you better go be a weekend rock star and practise your lines.

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