Arctic Monkeys’ New Songs – What Do You Think?

If you caught the webcast last night (30 July), you’ll have heard four songs from Arctic Monkeys’ forthcoming third album ‘Humbug’ – plus a cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’.

‘Crying Lightning’ you’ll already be familiar with (if not, you can watch the video below), but that still leaves three totally new and unheard tracks, ‘Pretty Visitors’ (complete with standout lyric: “What came first, the chicken or the dickhead?”), ‘Potion Approaching’ and ‘Secret Door’.

You’ll have notied they all share a certain downbeat, sinister quality, reminiscent of The Coral’s gloomier moments. That’s a fair summation of the album as a whole. On the strength of the tracks aired last night, are you excited about ‘Humbug’?